How to cut videos with vlc media player

  1. Open VLC media player.
  2. Play the video which you want to trim and note the time in the video from where you want to obtain the trimmed video and also note the end time up to which you want the video to be trimmed. Take the time in seconds. For example, if you want to start cutting from 1 minutes and 30 seconds and end cutting at 4 minutes and 30 seconds, the start time will be (60*1 + 30)=90 seconds and stop time will be (60*4 + 30) = 270 seconds. These values will be needed later.
  3.  Now, click on Media in the Menu bar.
  4. Click on Convert/Save.
  5. Click on the Add button on the right of the File selection box to load the video which you want to cut.
  6. Tick show more options on the bottom left side of the dialog box to show extended options.
  7. In the extended options, enter the start time which you noted earlier. Notice that in the Edit options field, a :start-time=### string will be added. There is not an option to add the stop time. So, you need to add the stop-time in the same format in the edit options manually, ie. add “:stop-time=###” without quotes in the edit options where ### is the stopping time in seconds. For our example, the edit option text field should look like that in the image given below:-

9. Click on Convert/Save on the bottom right side. And In the following dialog box, click on browse to select the destination where your trimmed video will be saved.

10. Click on Start to begin the cutting process.