Google chrome hidden feautres


Your desktop browser has its very own task manager, which you can use to monitor the various processes it is undertaking and how much resources it is diverting to each. To access the manager in Windows, click the hamburger in the top-right corner > More tools > Task manager Or you can try Shift + Esc, but that didn’t want to work on my Windows 10 PC.

Once you open the task manger, you will see all the plugins, extensions, and tabs that are currently in progress. But you’ll also see how much of your browser’s resources each process is using (things like memory and image cache). If one of those processes seems like it’s causing a problem (like slowing down or stalling your browser), you can highlight it with a click of the “End process” button at the bottom of the window.


Chrome has a hidden game featuring. You can access it by manually disconnecting your device from the internet and then opening a new tab (or alternatively, by entering the following Chrome address: chrome://network-error/-106).

This will prompt a page that says “Unable to connect to the Internet,” and will feature a little 8-bit style. To play, just hit the space bar and you’ll enter a forever-runner game in which the T-Rex runs along a desert landscape. Press the spacebar to make it jump.

Chrome Is a Simple Multimedia Browser

Google chrome is a simple multimedia browser it can access files,photos,videos etc. from your computer.Just use (file:///C:/Users/<path>) specific path to your files.Well, if you just want to see what it is real quick, drag it directly into your Chrome browser window and take a quick gander.

Secret Pages in Chrome

There are a few dozen hidden Chrome pages that you can check out on your browser. All you have to do is type the “Chrome URL” (usually begins with chrome://) into the omnibox. Some of these addresses are pages you find via Settings, but some are only available via a direct link. Most of these pages are hidden for a reason: because you’ll never need to use them —they’re just under-the-hood info for coders and developers. You can find an official clickable list by typing chrome://chrome-urls into the omnibox.

Tackle Chrome’s Network Issues

If you’re having trouble with your network while accessing the internet then Google Chrome has a built-in network diagnostics information tool which will help you troubleshoot Chrome’s network issues.

Type in ‘chrome://net-internals’ to access the page where you’ll find information regarding Proxy, DNS, Sockets, HTTP Cache, HTTP Throttling and much more.